International Conference



Key information

Location: Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, SERBIA

Dates: November 9 – 10, 2017 ‚Äč

Conference Theme: The Media – Mediator and Promoter of Populism

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 31, 2017

Registration Deadline for Presenters: October 1, 2017


Populism is a very current and widespread global, political and cultural phenomenon, appearing to gain more importance with time and thus, become a more pressing issue, especially given the current authoritarian and far right political changes in both Europe in America. However, scholars seem to agree to disagree when it comes to its definition, and the perspectives vary from understanding populism as a very political logic (Laclau), a strategy, movement, or a communication and political style (Knight); to perspectives analysing populism as an ideology or a discourse. This question as to whether populism should be accepted as a strategy or an ideology has remained pertinent within academic discussion.

International Conference: MEDIA, DEMOCRACY, POPULISM: The media – mediator and promoter of populism, welcomes the opportunity for theoretical and professional debate on the populist discourse and the media. Populism as a phenomenon and reality is not an exclusive characteristic or trend in only transitional countries. It is also an important political and cultural problem in well-developed European countries, closely connected to the growth of certain right-wing movements. In any case, the media are seen as a faithful ally of both the promotion, but also in the fight against political populism.

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